Think And Retire

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Thousands of stocks to choose from in the stock market. Which ones to choose?

Focus only on Leading stocks in the leading Sectors.

Put odds in your favor.


1) Save Time. 
2) focus Only on few Stocks.
3) Spend Time And Energy In Doing Things You Love.
4) Follow The Ongoing Trend.
5) Deal With The Best Of The Best Of The Stocks.
6) Easy to understand and Follow.


I am an engineer by training, but always passionate about the stock market. After I finished my Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, I started to learn about the stock market on my own.

I started trading in the late 1990’s. I worked for 26 years and then retired in 2015. Currently, I am busy managing my investments, writing blogs and books, travelling, staying healthy and active, and spending time with friends and families.

My objective of this website is to share some of my experiences. I hope you will find some of the information to be useful.